Quite recently a report was published claiming that the pork pie may be in its final few years.

Why? I hear you ask

Well youngsters these days ignore a number of foods from jellied eels to liver and onions. A number of Staple dishes from the 70’s are just not as appealing.

Pork pies have been around for hundreds of years and recipes feature in a number of medieval cookbooks. It had been believed that pork pies will always be part of the British culture, but that has huge question marks now.

Most children and teenagers now grow up in an environment where healthy eating is important. But there is also a new age of popular foods for lunch or dinner on our doorsteps. You can find thousands more appealing foods on our high streets or by a few clicks of the phone have a tasty meal delivered to your door in the hour.

Other staple foods which have disappeared over the years include the cheese and pineapple hedgehog a favourite for many a party. Remember these?


A combination of things has pushed the pork pie to one side. To be honest I’m with the kids, I’d choose a Nando’s or McDonalds over a pork pie any day of the week.

Some people will say the pork pie is an important part of British identity and should be preserved at all costs,but I’m not too sure….


March 29, 2022

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