Building With The Baldies

Brad and Sam are back on the tools with this brand new Amazon Prime building show

Our new self published documentary series Building with the Baldies is due to be launched on Amazon Prime early 2022.

Building with the Baldies will see the boys team up with Arron & Aaron from Arch Construction. Together they will renovate and then sell the properties making a tidy profit from each one. The trials and tribulations what this entails will be fun and entertaining and we cannot wait to get started.

Last week the series edged closer as a deal was secured to buy our first property in Worthing, West Sussex. The property is pretty run down, but as a team we will work our magic, combining our years of experience to completely transform the old tired house into a modern home.

Building With The Baldies will have 8 episodes per series. You will be able to see the ins and outs of what goes on, and finally see Brad & Sam and family back on the tools. You might even learn some tips and tricks yourself to keep your partner happy.

Every property will be a blank canvas and each series will edge Brad closer to his mission of getting Rhi and the staff members back in bricks and mortar and a dream house they can call their own.

Building With The Baldies Coming Soon To Amazon prime