Char's Cafe & Coffee Drive-Thru

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Saturday 9am-4pm

Sunday & Monday - CLOSED


Situated in Climping, West Sussex and built from a recycled shipping container. This is not just your average kitchen restaurant, it is staffed by our passionate Bald Family members and has a large seating area for you to sit and enjoy the food, it also has a unique drive thru restaurant and is open 7 days a week. We serve hot and cold food to the highest standards. Feel free to come and visit us and try for yourself.

We had an idea at the start of the first lockdown of starting a brand-new business on wheels to serve the public, which we named The Bald Kitchen. The hunt for a vehicle took place and after securing a low loading Luton van we got to work constructing our very own food truck. Within four weeks we were ready to open our doors for business. After 6 months of trading at two different locations in Bognor and Littlehampton, due to the overwhelming custom we had outgrown the van. It was apparent we needed to expand and fast, so we went on the hunt for a new permanent location.

We found a plot of land in Climping, mid-way between the locations we had traded the van from which seemed perfect, but we were up against Costa, Greggs and McDonalds for the location. Not to be deterred we got our heads down and worked hard on our plans, being a family business and having that personal touch the top decision makers brought into the vision we believed in, they agreed our family business would benefit the local community, against all odds we beat the opposition and was given the green light.

To take on this project it was time to sell our food truck to our amazement a hospital brought it within 48 hours of going up for sale for the full asking price, to use on their grounds. Now we could put all of our efforts into making our drive thru dream a reality. We purchased an old recycled shipping container and got to work converting it into a fully functional kitchen.

We applied for planning permission thinking it was only going to take 8-10 weeks but we were wrong after jumping over hurdle upon hurdle and every obstacle possible after 26 weeks we were all set to open. Many people would have folded with the pressures and knock backs but not us we had a vision and determination to see this through and we turned our dream into reality. We stuck together as a family, dug deep and believed in ourselves. From the idea of serving a few burgers in a van to owning a drive thru restaurant in the space of a year.

In November 2022 The Bald Kitchen was given a complete transformation and The business was rebranded to Char's Cafe and Coffee Drive Thru. Although it faced a name change the business still remains a part of The Bald Family Brand and is trading under the same ethos as before. Brads eldest daughter Chardonnay is now succesfully running the establishment.