The Crafty Countryman

The Crafty Countryman is set in the sticks and showcases Simon Heath’s skills as a unique craftsman who lives off grid. This series is narrated by football hardman turned Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones

Simon has honed his skills in this field for 35 years and is the magician of the wood world. The Bald Productions show you Simon and his partner Izzy's day to day life. This series will show a master at work and showcase why Simon stands above the rest in his field of craftsmanship.

Simon can take something as basic as a stick or a block of wood and expertly craft it into a stunning piece of individual art. He has a fine eye for understanding the form and shapes of works he creates, ensuring each carving has a style and class of its own.

Our film crew are at Simons side from sunrise to sunset and show the complete process. The Crafty Countryman is set in a rural location with Chickens and ducks roaming free. Simons beloved dog Lilly, who loves the country life is ever present.

The tranquil and peaceful environment of the location, along with Simon’s skills provide a perfect combination, and an easy watch for the viewer.

The Crafty Countryman is now Live on YouTube where you can subscribe for free