This December we are very excited to announce that we are running a Christmas present collection for people and families who are less fortunate.

The idea come from Brad and Sage.They ran the idea through all of us and everyone was in agreement how amazing it would be.

As a family we believe it is important to give back all through the year, but also to make Christmas an extra special occasion for everyone. With this is mind each of us Bald Family members is going to be giving up one of their presents on their list, and donating it to a person who may not be as fortunate. Bringing smiles and happiness is what this is all about.

We have erected a tree at the Bald Hub and want to get as many people involved in this act of kindness as possible. So, we are asking our following to send gifts in unwrapped so we can make sure the right gifts go to the right individuals.

The presents we receive will be put under the tree and presented to a charity who will distribute the gifts to a special person.

If you would like to make someone very happy this Christmas day, please send your gifts in to us as soon as you can at the following address

The Bald Hub

Unit 3, Gloucester Road Trading Estate


BN17 7BS

Every gift is welcome no matter its value or size,something little to you could be massive to somebody else.The Bald Family just request you keep the gifts clean please.





December 01, 2021

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