The Bald Builders history goes further back than the last few years. But
the last three years have been the most important in comedy duo Brad &
Sam’s journey. buckle up grab a coffee and enjoy the ride.

The Bald Builders page is put on standby at 40,000 followers as Brad and Sam pop out for a pint of milk

Due to the withdrawal of a financial backer they had to close their business

Brad and Rhi were on their arse with no money. The Only asset they had was a range rover. They had brought this 18-month prior for £25,000. Brad had grafted to buy, and was his and Rhi’s dream car.

With no income and lots of expenses Brad and Rhi had to leave their family home.

Brad had to think fast and stay positive, instead of borrowing money and falling further into the red he set out a plan. They sold the range rover for £12,000

With nowhere to live and no car, they needed to cut costs and do something drastic. Rhi agreed with Brad that to go forward they would have to go backwards.

Brad was determined to use the £12,000 from the Range Rover sale wisely and he brought a BMW for £5000 and paid £6000 for a caravan. Grotbags agreed to let her family stay in her garden in the caravan. This left Brad with £1000; brad also gave friend £100 to help tow the caravan, leaving with him £900

Brad Rhi and the 4 kids move into grotbags garden in the 4 berth caravan

Everything was affordable now and settled as outgoings had gone down. Brads had a year plan to graft hard, earning as much money as he could, saving everything he could. This would enable him to get back on his feet and to get Rhi and kids back into a house.

Brad had decreased his outgoings drastically. Because of this he was able to price a job less than usual. Brad and Sam successfully won the job an 8 week project, which was 60 miles away. Finally, some good news.

Brad had a problem as he only had a £900 to his name, with no transport to get to the job. Brad and Sam desperately needed a van.

Brad sends Sam to collect a van for £800 leaving them with £100

Sam buys an old black Jaguar for £800 (instead of a van)

With just £100 left they use this to fill the jag with diesel giving them enough to get to the job and back for a few days.

Brad and Sam use the jag to travel to the job, but to look professional they have to park around the corner so the customer didn’t see it

After 8 weeks the Job was completed. The work was perfect and they had a very happy customer. The boys had started finding themselves again.

Brad and Sam managed to win another job on the back of the previous customers recommendation. After staying positive through a difficult period and digging deep, the confidence levels were increasing and they were finally able to have fun and laugh again.

The boys secure a three month building contract. They were flying and from this job they managed to get a tidy profit and save some money.

The boys decided they would swap building for screeding due to the better margins in the work. They used the money earned from their last building project and brought all equipment to start a brand new screeding business.

Franks Flow Screed is Launched (Named after Brads son Frank)

Franks Flow Screed needed promoting and with The Bald Builders page suspended the penny dropped to re ignite it and to have fun. While promoting their new business it seemed like a no brainer using the platform and the Hunt for work began.


Before long the boys were Getting 3/4 jobs a week and earning some nice money with a healthy profit from each job.

Because of the success of Franks, the boys ended up working half the hours on site every day giving them the rest of the day to create content for socials which they did for a year (working two jobs). The Screed work enabled them to pay the bills and save a bit of money.

After grafting for a year BRAD and Rhi had enough money to move out the caravan and rent a house. Brad stuck to his word and had fulfilled his year plan.

With zero income from socials the boys were just looking to build on the 40,000 loyal followers they had accumulated previously. The aim was to make people smile and laugh and give them an insight into their lives.

Brad and Sam started creating more and more content with pranks of McDonalds and KFC and some crazy inventions. It wasn’t long before their videos started getting views of 5/10 million

There was a massive turn taking place and the boys were on a roll

Due to the success of the videos a plan was set out to ease the screeding side of the business and to up the ante on socials. It was important for the boys to maintain a healthy balance.

Due to the increased attention the boys put into their content on socials sponsorships soon followed. With Ad Revenue and sponsorships, the money earned on socials soon overtook the money earned from screed.

The decision was made to close Franks Flow Screed and concentrate everything they had on the socials side of the business.

A location was needed for content creating and once a premises was secured the boys got to work creating The Bald Hub. A large investment was outlaid. A fully fledged studio with different rooms housing a recording and kitchen studio and its own bar was created. Meaning content could be created Outside and inside in a nice studio.

As the business grew more members of the family were added and we launched our very own merchandise which we printed in house and sold all over the world.

Brad and Sam’s workloads had grown to the extent they now needed an agent. They signed up to Opaque Artists agency. They now had a manager in aunty Sue.

Sponsors came in the form of ITS, CT1 and Brad and Sam secured their very own radio show on FIX RADIO

Brad and Rhi wanted to bring the bald family to life. So, Brad and Tom got to work creating the cartoons and before long The Bald Family Books had been released on a subscription model with hundreds of people signing up. 

The books were such a success that they released 12 Bald Family books in series one.

Brad and Sam then decided to up the levels. Before long the books had soon become animations of the whole Bald Family.

Everything was running smoothly across the business so Brad and Sam set their attentions on the next project.

Brads dream has always been to own a greasy spoon café so he got his head down and decided that during the first lockdown he would get busy turning that dream into reality and take a chance on opening a food truck.

The food truck with all equipment needed totalled just short of £50,000. This covered conversion of a van into a fully functionally kitchen and all equipment needed.

The Bald kitchen was born

Due to the overwhelming success, after 6 months it was apparent that Brad and Sam would have to look to expand to a larger Kitchen. This would help them meet the ever growing customers ‘demands.

A Kitchen studio page was launched where cooking content is filmed daily. The page is educational and entertaining.

Hit 1 million followers on The Bald Builders Page

The Bald Kitchen on Wheels was put up for sale. It was sold to a hospital to serve patients in the pandemic. The Kitchen traded for 10 successful months.

Brad and Sam needed to be reactive and meet demands of the growing popularity. They wanted to up the ante and the search began for a bigger permanent location.

A plot of land became available in Climping, West Sussex mid-way between the locations the food truck had traded

Planning permission was submitted to Arun District Council. This process should take between 8 and 10 weeks maximum.

In anticipation of planning being approved relatively quickly. the boys get to work. The conversion of an old recycled shipping container into a fully functional kitchen begins

Painfully every obstacle possible was thrown at the project, Objections and a dozen additional planning applications were added on. Thousands of pounds were being lost daily due to not being able to trade.

The boys stayed positive and undeterred. Many people would have folded at this point due to the pressures and knock backs

The boys needed to keep their minds occupied they also needed an additional source of income. The Bald Carpers Fishing page was launched on socials. Being entertaining and educational this gave Brad, Sam and Matt an exciting fishing channel to get their teeth into.

Finally, after 26 very long weeks after jumping over hurdle upon hurdle, The Bald Kitchen drive thru was given the green light and was ready to open.

The Bald Family host a soft launch of The Bald Kitchen at the Beginning of October 21. Families and friends attended this event and the day was a massive success. They were finally edging closer to the grand opening.

After 6 months of blood, sweat and tears The Bald Drive Thru Opened its doors on October 26th 2021.

With the long lease and the high standard of work carried out on the land, The Bald Kitchen is valued at 1 million.

Now The Bald Kitchen now has the correct family members running it. Brad and Sam can concentrate on their next venture.

Brad has a product buzzing around his head. A product that he can see being placed in every merchant across the land.

As for The Bald Builders a very exciting project is soon to start. Involving buying and selling houses all documented and filmed for TV.

Watch this space...