The Bald Builders

The Bald Builders or Brad and Sam as you may know them. They are close brother in laws and two of the hardest working people you will meet. They’ve worked every hour under the sun as builders and have got where they are today by having consistency, the ethos to work hard and the drive to dig deep when things have not gone there way. They have been on one hell of a journey over the years.

Meet The Family

Radio Show

The Baldcast

The popularity has grown immensely over the last few years. The business has gone from a van to a fully-fledged film studio and they now own a very popular drive thru restaurant. Through hard work, grit and determination they have become one of the most loved families on socials. The journey originally saw the social media work as a second job to the building. Now they can work with the whole family on creating positive, inspirational, motivational content for social media on a daily basis. This has made them feel very fortunate and everyone remains humble.

Due to the popularity, sponsorships have naturally followed and many companies have wanted to work with the brand. But they are selective with who they work with. They believe the brands who they partner with have to have the same family ethos and values as they do.

The boys are proud to present a radio show five days a week on FIX Radio. This is a tradesman radio station which is broadcast on DAB and digital radio.

They have also brought to life The Bald family in the form of books and cartoons. In the background they are working on some very exciting things to bring all aspects of The Bald Family to every household.

Builders by trade, they have a burning desire to get back on the tools. They feel by getting back into the market of buying and selling houses that this is a great move for the brand. Along the way whilst refurbishing the properties they will be documenting all of the trials and tribulations that come with it. Brad’s main goal in life is to buy his Rhi her dream home. To achieve this, it’s going to mean starting from the bottom and working his way to the top. Starting with a small property, to reaching the end goal of her dream home.