Radio Show

FIX Radio is the only radio station for the trades industry. The Bald Builders are proud presenters with an entertainment show aired Monday to Friday mornings. The relationship with the FIX team goes from strength to strength on a weekly basis. The shows that go out on air feature lots of different fun segments and loads of banter. These shows cover all things trade and non-trade so even if you are not a tradesman it makes for a pleasurable listen and brightens your mood.

Brad and Sam didn’t set out to be presenters. Through hard work on socials, they were approached by Louie the FIX Radio founder who made clear his exciting vision for the boys. He told them he had two aspirations for Fix, one being to get his station heard nationally on DAB and the other was to have them present a show on his station. Having secured the boys services, they have helped the station grow and Louie’s second dream of going national is close to being accomplished.

When Brad and Sam started hosting on FIX, they knew from the word go that they had found their calling. Originally the boys started with one Friday morning show. Due to the boy’s passion and energy towards each show, they became a massive success. It wasn’t long before a deal was signed to have them on the airwaves 5 days a week.

Every show gives them a proper buzz and they learn every day from the great team FIX Radio have. They will continue to work hard and improve; this will help the station expand and go out to the whole nation very soon. As for their own radio careers they want to go as high as they can.