Brands We Have Worked With

Brad and Sam feel very fortunate that over the last few years they have been asked to work with some of the biggest brands within the industry. If you like the idea of your brand working alongside The Bald Builders please get in touch.

Here is just a few of the brands we have worked with recently.

Brad and Sam received a call from Public Health England in the global pandemic. Due to their large social following, they were asked to be part of the Better Health Campaign.

It was a huge honour to be part of a campaign which was to help people get off the sofa and get active, after a horrible pandemic and a lockdown period that had a negative impact on people’s lives.

A campaign that promotes healthy changes that start with small changes. Whether you want to lose weight, get active or quit smoking, Better Health is available with lots of free tools and support, helping kickstart your health. The boys couldn’t have been prouder to be offered the opportunity of helping on this campaign.

They were commissioned to create three simple healthy eating cooking fun videos. These meals were selected from a wide range of options available on the Better Health App. which is available online or your mobile.

The content created was showcased across all social media channels. This enabled people to see how simple these healthy meals were to make, which is turn would help the individual get active again.

Brad and Sam were initially approached by XERO to produce two web based promotional videos to showcase their software. This software helps run a business from anywhere. They already used this software themselves, so it felt like a perfect fit for them to work with this brand.

Xero were so impressed with the content produced that they commissioned a full series of promotional content. The boys created a wide range of content over a few months, which was shared across their social media platforms.

The feedback received from the social following was very enthusiastic and showed Xero in a positive light.

The relationship with this brand came about when Brad and Sam were approached to create promotional content to encourage tradespeople to purchase their workwear.

The products available took you from the builder’s yard to the bar which they felt an immediate connection with.

Regatta is a huge brand which started trading in 1981, Their clothing bridges the gap between style and performance at an affordable cost.