Stay Focused, remain facing forward and concentrate on your own game.

All the time you’re thinking about what other people are doing in their life, you’re not thinking about what’s happening in yours.

Staying focused on your own goals and achieving them is what’s gonna make you successful, worrying about the next person's goals is only gonna make you miss yours.

You’ve gotta keep your eye on the ball at all times when heading towards goal, the moment you take it off is the moment someone is gonna slip in, take the ball and run towards goal with it themselves.

Don’t do all the hard work and then let it slip away by taking your eye off the ball.


Never tell your dreams to small minded people, it’s the fastest way to kill ’em

Never tell your dreams to a small minded person.

Have you ever had a great idea that gave you tingles down your spine, you then told that idea to someone and all they did was shoot it down.

I have a few times, but then I learnt.

Its not that don’t want you to be successful or they don’t believe in ya,its just that it's not their dream,its yours.

When a visions planted in your head it’s for you to make it a reality, and until it’s a reality no one else will truly believe in it. That’s just because they can't see it properly.

Every time you get that tingle about an idea do your utmost to make it a reality and if it works or don’t work, it doesn’t really matter, it’s down to you to give it a go.


Don’t ignore it and don’t waste it. Who knows how you might change the world

Your imagination is a preview to life’s coming attractions.

To make something a reality you’ve first gotta see it in your mind.

Having a vibrant imagination will allow you to see new and exciting attractions that no one else can see.

When a vision is placed in your imagination its placed there for a reason.

Its placed there as a gift and because you’re know what to do with it.


Unless you’ve walked their path, do yourself a favour and keep walking yours.

Before you cast judgement on someone, take the time to listen to their story.

It's really easy sitting in an armchair casting judgement about someone, but unless you know the facts, you aint entitled to.

Far too many people are too eager to pass comment without trying their shoes on.


If your heart leads you somewhere but your gut doesn’t agree then go with your gut, it's not often your gut will be wrong

Being brave like a lion and fearing nothing in life is what it’s all about.

Lion’s fear nothing and no one, with that bravery it makes them unstoppable.

Being brave doesn’t mean be reckless, trust your gut feeling but follow your heart.


All the time you’re moving, be it running or crawling you’re still in the race.

The only guarantee in life is that if you do give up, you’ll never succeed.

No matter how hard it gets or how many times you fall, you can never give up.

Run, walk or crawl it don’t matter, just as long as you don’t stop moving.

There’s gonna be plenty of times during your journey where you consider giving up, and that’s fine. Just don’t make the mistake of doing it.

Sometimes it's gonna feel like you’re going around in circles or even going backwards, but that don’t matter, just as long as you don’t stop.