Deer spotting is a great activity to while away a Sunday morning. In Britain we are lucky enough to have a huge number of parks where deer roam, allowing wildlife lovers and explorers to get up close and personal to wild deer. Here are just a handful of some of the deer spotting parks in Britain that you can visit.


In London, Richmond Park has become much loved by locals and visitors alike. It’s the largest of the city’s Royal Parks and it takes the crown for the biggest enclosed space in London. We’d say its popularity is all down to the fallow and red deer that wander the grounds. This national nature reserve and deer park is home to 630 deer, and has been their home since 1529. You may find the deer hiding among the bracken and long grass in the park, so keep your eyes peeled. For a group as large as this they can be particularly hard to spot.


Blow away the cobwebs and let the kids run free as you explore this stunning 700-acre historic park. Where you can see hundreds of fallow deer. There are big fallen logs to climb on and two large ponds with lots of ducks. The site allows great views of Petworth House and the South Downs


Bushy Park is another of the capital’s Royal Parks, and is in fact the city’s second largest. The park used to be Henry VIII’s old hunting grounds, and the red and fallow deer that the park is home to continue to roam freely around the park, just as they would have done during his time. When visiting the park please be aware that the 320 deer that inhabit Bushy Park will not be found in the Woodland Gardens or other protected areas. This is to ensure that the trees and shrubs are protected from the animals in these areas.


Located close to the village of Dyrham, is Dyrham Park. Its name originates from the Saxon word for deer and is entirely fitting, as this is an ancient deer park, featuring a late 17th century mansion. It is now home to a herd of 200 fallow deer. During the winter months, when food is scarce, rangers feed the deer, and visitors are also invited to do the same. Offering so much more than just deer spotting, Dyrham Park is one for all nature lovers to visit.


Tucked away in the Bedfordshire countryside is Woburn Abbey deer Park.It’s home to numerous deer, and is one of the largest private conservation parks in Europe. As well as the native Red and Fallow deer, seven species of deer that originate from Asia call Woburn Abbey home, such as the likes of Milu, Sika or Chinese Water deer. Woburn Abbey gives guests the exciting opportunity to witness not one, but nine types of deer during their day at the park, making it a worthwhile trip for all.

Dig out your wellies, pack a picnic and head to a park to try and catch a glimpse of these elegant creatures

April 09, 2022

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