With the overwhelming success of series one of the Bald Family books, we felt it was now the right time for us to launch another series. We have been so excited about releasing series two, and after much deliberation it was decided the first book in this collection will be titled We Fixed a Fence. This is an adaption from the animation with the same name.

Due to popular demand and taking into consideration peoples amazing feedback on the books we have also decided to launch a Children's Bald Family Colouring Book and Pencil Set which will provide hours of fun for your little ones. We have also released a Bald Family Cup featuring all of us Bald Family members.

And if that's not enough in the next few weeks we have our brand spanking new animation to show you all. This is a secret so don't tell anyone but its about Mrs Jones getting into a right panic as her ceiling fell down so she called upon The Bald Family to help. As always we were happy to.


December 02, 2021

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