100 years ago, the first radio station was launched in a muddy field in Essex. Fast Forward to 2022 and a new age of station born in 2017 has proudly landed on National DAB airwaves. FIX Radio the only radio station made for Builders took its place among 24 other National DAB licence holders.

Years of hard graft from Fix founder and CEO Louie and his amazing team made this happen.The station officially launched nationally with flagship presenters Brad and Sam from The Bald Builders on 3rd May.

From an idea thought up over a cup of tea on a building site to a national brand in just five years is quite remarkable.

This journey from a small regional station to an everyday essential for tens of thousands of tradespeople across the country. The aim of targeting the 2.2 million builders in the uk is well on track.

This station is not just for builders though, it can be enjoyed by all ages and every profession. carpenters, electricians, plumbers, roofers, painters, decorators, plasterers’ scaffolders - in fact, anyone who makes their living on the tools

World renowned English radio critic, journalist and broadcaster Gillian Reynolds recently published an article singing the praises of the stations first week on the national airwaves. A writer that had written for the daily telegraph for 42 years before moving to the same position at the Sunday times where she continues to review radio until 2021.

Gillian is honest and well respected in her field and quoted this in her review of the station summing up the ethos of the show perfectly.

“The music is familiar,heavy on the bass drum, mostly fast. Only the breakfast show has chatty presenters, Brad and Sam,Londoners,builders who’ve known each other,they say,for years. Listening to their banter is like eavesdropping in a pub.

They have prizes to offer. They laugh a lot. After that for the rest of the day it’s just music, familiar, heavily rhythmic, surprisingly eclectic and, after 9am mostly (and mercifully) without “personality” presenters. News comes on the hour, plus sport, brief and businesslike. Traffic and transport get frequent updates.

Fix is a robust listen. They play ballads, but nothing too slow. The music is familiar but, mostly, fondly remembered. If you like songs with a heavy backbeat this is the station for you. Their advertisements for themselves are bold. “Music while you screw,” says one. Yet there’s more to this station’s proposition than just listening."

A glistening review from Gillian, proving this station is not just on dab to make up the numbers.

The Bald Breakfast airs from 6am-9am everyday. Brad and Sam are joined by Jack and John the producers, along with the big boss and head of The Bald Family Rhi.

If you tune in all day, you will be treated to these other shows featuring carpentry, painting and decorating, heating and plumbing, electrical and plastering. There is also a show presented by the grandfather of fix radio, legendary Clive Holland, who takes a look at the biggest topics in construction. A station that plays all genres of music.

You can listen to FIX Radio on DAB radio in London and nationwide via the WEBSITE, the IPHONE AND ANDROID APPS along with the RADIO PLAYER.


May 06, 2022

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