If you was asked what’s the difference between a pheasant and a partridge,would you know the answer?

If you answered yes to the question then the below information is pretty useless to you, BUT if like me you was unsure until today then this could help you distinguish them


Male pheasants have striking bronze plumage, a red face and wattle, a green neck with a white ring around it and a long tail. Females are sandy brown, with an intricate pattern of black spots and bars. Pheasants are larger than partridges and have longer tails.

A Pheasant is a handsome gamebird, it is an introduced species that has settled in the Uk with little problem. It can be spotted in its farmland and woodland habitats, although you'll probably hear the loud, croaking call of the male before you see it.

Pheasants are native to Asia, but were introduced into much of Europe by the Romans, possibly arriving in the UK with the Normans in the 11th century. Largely forgotten and locally extinct up until the 19th century, they became a popular gamebird once again and are extensively reared by gamekeepers.


The grey partridge has an orange face and black horseshoe-shaped patch on its belly. It is grey-brown above with a grey chest and orange-brown stripes down the flanks.

The grey partridge is common in parts , but is becoming scarce around much of the country. A farmland bird, it feeds on seeds, leaves and small invertebrates. When disturbed, it prefers to run instead of fly, but will fly low to the ground if necessary. It breeds in open scrub and farmland, close to hedges or other vegetation, laying its eggs on the ground in a grass-lined scrape.


LENGTH: 70-88cm
WEIGHT: 980g-1.4kg

CONSERVATION STATUS:Introduced, non-native species.

WHEN TO SEE:January to December


LENGTH: 29-32cm
WEIGHT: 390g

CONSERVATION STATUS:Classified in the UK as Red under the Birds of Conservation Concern 4: the Red List for Birds (2015). Priority Species under the UK Post-2010 Biodiversity Framework.

WHEN TO SEE: January to December






April 03, 2022


Steve said:

Of course… I live on a Farm… They both walk my lawns

Karl atkins said:

Hi all love watching you guys with vinne Jones. I’m a game keeper in hertfordshire and I use to help vinne dad Peter on his shoot. I’ve met vinne 2 or 3 time lovely bloke. Keep up the great work guys.

Many Karl atkins

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