Simon Heath Star of The Crafty Countryman series opens up about his life, and explains what a massive impact art had for him growing up.

In these mini articles we will start from the beginning, and over the following months we will follow his journey from a boy to a master craftsman.

This has not been an overnight success this has been years of hard graft

A fascinating story of a wonderfully talented man

Simon Heath - The Craftsman's Journey in His Words Part 7

As I say at school when I was there, I used to spend most of my day looking out the window wishing I was at the farm doing the things I loved and felt I could do.

School was such a hard time for me, I felt so different to everyone else, i just couldn’t understand anything much, also being left handed, meant I struggled with my handwriting.

The whole thing was so hard from even getting to school, this took 3 different buses and that’s if they even came at all, walking miles. My school day started at 6:30am and ended at 7pm which was a nightmare, all being because my parents had no thought about my schooling.

But on a positive note, going back to my lessons where I would just sit and draw and look at bird and nature books. I’m a great believer that left handed people have artistic and creative tendencies and  i really enjoyed my art classes, I had a teacher called Mrs Dodman she really helped me and she is part of the reason I’m doing what I do today. Walking sticks really combine allowing me to be creative, using my art and hands on carving skills, using natural re-generating materials. I LOVE IT

April 08, 2022

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