Brad and Sam are going back to their building roots but this time they are getting their friends involved.

The Bald Builders & friends is a brand spanking new page that will see a variety of content across all the trades.

Builders ,Plasterers,roofers,pretty much all trades will be showcasing there talents.It's time people see what skills these guys and girls have to offer, to their individual industry.

Brad and Sam will be visiting sites all over the country and getting involved in different trades,meeting with a large network of their friends, and having fun with it, as only they know how.

An exciting journey is about to happen, and we are buzzing for all of you to be involved.

Please note that Brad and Sam and The Bald Builders brand do not endorse any of their friends work and have no association with any current or future work carried out on any commercial or residential sites.

Our part in this journey is simply to bring smiles to your faces and provide the entertainment.





August 03, 2022

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