Bats account for more than a quarter of mammal species in the UK and around 20% of all mammal species worldwide. They play an important role in many ecosystems. All 18 UK bat species eat insects as do 70% of the 1400+ bat species across the world. In tropical countries some bat species pollinate plants and others help with reforestation.

The Bat Conservation Trust supports local bat groups across the UK and over 6000 members. They work with volunteers, scientists, industry and government both locally and nationally on a range of projects. To achieve their vision of a world rich in wildlife where bats and people thrive together, their work focuses on discovering more about bats and how they use the landscape, taking action to protect bats and enhance the landscapes on which they rely, inspiring people about bats and their environment, engaging them in their conservation and strengthening their work by building skills, resources, motivation and understanding.

Four of the 11 mammal species native to Britain classified as being at imminent risk of extinction are bats and two more are classified as Near Threatened. While latest data from the Bat Conservation Trust’s long-standing citizen science project, show that populations of the 11 species of bat surveyed appear to be stable or increasing, there is still a long way to go before these species recover from huge historical declines.

You can become a member today and support The Bat Conservations work to help bats! Your donations allow them to educate people about bats and their environment, discover more about bats, take action to protect them along with enabling more people to get involved in bat conservation.



April 24, 2022

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