A Kitchen is where your day begins, where you eat and where you hang out. It is the social hub of the whole family. It is the go to place for almost everything and the most used room in the house, so when Brad & Rhi purchased Hunters Moon (recently renamed to The Hanson’s) back in December 2022 they knew that choosing a new kitchen to accommodate the family of 6 soon to be 7 was one of the most important decisions on the renovation.

Firstly Brad & Rhi decided that the current kitchen situated at the back of the property wouldn’t be sufficient for the space they needed for the whole family to enjoy. It was soon decided that the current dining room would become the new home of the kitchen. 

Works started almost immediately bricking up the old door and stripping the room of the old carpets and furniture. We now had a blank canvas to work our magic on. Brad had a vision a central island and loads of cupboard space with two ovens, two dishwashers and a huge fridge and seperate freezer. Which would be supplied by appliance brand AEG. Plenty of space needed for the growing family.

Now came the important part finding a company that could turn Brad & Rhi’s dream into reality. Within a few days Brad stumbled across a rather impressive portfolio of high quality Kitchens from the company DIYKitchens.com on instagram. 

He connected with the Diy Kitchens team and was impressed with their ethos of supplying showroom quality kitchens direct to the public for less than other major kitchen retailers. Brad had found a family company that shared our values and had been running successfully for 40 years.

The guys expressed wanted to provide exactly what we required and invited us up to their HQ in Pontefract to look over the products and to see the kitchens being manufactured. The Bald Family team organised a date and set sail (well drove) 5 hours to the location booking into a hotel which would see us comfortable for the evening.

The following day we met with Matt the CEO and was given a tour of the production factories. It was eye opening to see how everything is produced and the high quality workmanship that helped create these kitchens.

We were bowled over at how well run it was and how friendly and welcoming the whole team where. It emphasized why DIYKitchens.com have managed to be in business all these years. From the office staff to factory workers this was a well oiled machine. I reckon I could of eaten a sandwich off the floor it was that clean.

We filmed the fascinating and enjoyable day for an episode of Inside The Trade on our YouTube channel.Which you can watch HERE.

Once we had said our goodbyes we headed home. Brad relayed the styles and options available to the boss lady. They sat down and logged onto the revolutionary Planning App that DIYKitchens.com offer. This app enabled them to take control of the kitchen project from the comfort of their own home. 

After much deliberation an order was placed for the dream kitchen. Something they had worked so hard for all these years.

You can keep up to date with all renovation works over at our dedicated Hanson Home Instagram Page.


May 16, 2023

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