It’s always fun and games at the Kitchen and even more so last week when we hosted a special Sword Challenge. We teamed up with one of our main sponsors C-TEC to host an event to showcase their product CT1. Brad and Sam stuck a saw between two breeze blocks and devised a competition similar to The Sword in the stone film. If you managed to extract the sword successfully in 10 seconds you would win a prize.The large prize bundle consisted of £500 of products across the CT1 range and £100 in cash.

 Every participant signed a waiver in the event of any accidents occurring. The competitors came in large numbers, every one of them brimming with confidence, a different strategy and a belief that they had what it took to extract the sword. We even had firefighters attempt the challenge but after 2 hours not one person had managed to succeed.

Every failed attempt was met with the same reaction of amazement. This proved many doubters wrong, and showed that CT1 actually lived up to the hype and works. Not that we had any doubts.

Brad and Sam gathered up the bundle of CT1 goods and loaded them into the van. There are already plans in place for another challenge very soon.

Do you have what it takes to beat CT1?

Watch The Full Video Below 


December 13, 2021

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