Valentine Thomas is a world record spearfisher-woman and freediver, free diving to a personal 170ft.

Coming across Valentine Thomas on the Joe Rogan Podcast her genuine passion and knowledge for spearfishing makes for a fascinating watch or read and brings a deeper Insight into the world of sea fishing.

On her sustainable mission for the goodness of all things ocean, Valentine holds regular talks relating to the importance of the regenerative ecosystems and the considerations to seafood consumption and sourcing.

Previously working in a successful finance job in London she decided to give up her urban lifestyle and jump head first into the waters.

Now Diving full time she provides an intimate understanding and appreciation of fish food and what it takes for it to end up on your plate.

Spearfishing enables you to confirm what you are targeting one fish at a time making sure you're catching the right size and maturity of fish avoiding bycatching completely.

For those that don't know what Bycatch Means - Bycatch is the unwanted fish and other marine creatures trapped by commercial fishing nets during fishing for a different species.(Definition Source from oxford languages)

Spearfishing also opens up wider options amongst the seas and offers a wider sustained menu that mass fisheries would overlook.

The French-Canadian first started spearfishing in the middle of the atlantic at a destination known as Ascension Island talk about being chucked in the deep end.

Pushing the message of eating seafood only twice a week Valentine encourages us to vary the species of fish we eat coming away from just the “BIG 4” (sea bass,salmon,tuna,cod)




April 07, 2022

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