Another week and more work has been carried out on the Hanson Home. The 100 year old house has been uncovering some unexpected hidden problems.

Monday started with Brad & Sam discovering that both chimney breasts were unstable and ready to fall down. How this hadn’t happened already had the boys scratching their heads. This was a serious danger to the family, so the boys got busy removing it safely.


A call to M B M Brickwork secured their services to come out next week to rebuild the stacks out of concrete blocks. This will Return the chimneys to their original height and original features. Once that work has been carried out Brad & Sam will finish the chimneys off with pebble dash this will bring them back to their original glory, just as they looked all them years ago.

Whilst the boys were busy on the chimney Lee,Deano and Mitch from Pick-It  Fencing arrived at the house. They began installing the fencing around the complete perimeter of The Hanson Home. Post and rail was installed around the front off the property to section off the driveway. When the driveway has been laid in a few months, a beautiful 12 ft barn gate along with a number of large laurel plants will complete the transformation.


The team at Pick-It Fencing spent a week at the Hanson Home. Even though these boys had lots to do they still had time for a laugh, having everyone in stitches.

Quality fencing and true professionalism has given the house a complete external makeover. A number of neighbours have commented how impressive the house is looking already, and commended the work ethic of all involved so far! You can’t argue with that.

Later in the week we had a visit from painter and decorator Frances. He got busy sanding back and filling the rafter feet around the guttering line of the roof.Finally a nice coat of paint finished off the job.This care and attention has given them the love they had needed for a very long time.

All in all another busy week on the external renovation works. Next week shows no sign of slowing down either as we have the roofers coming back to finish the roof.

Due to the weather being horrendously poor On The Roof have been limited in what they can get done, but fingers crossed they can complete the remaining bits over the following weeks so the scaffolding can come down.

The next big thing we anticipate to be done is the installation of the windows and doors. But no dates have been finalised on this just yet.

February will see the Electricians and Plumbers descend onto the house to carry out complete rewiring and re plum of the internal building.

So much has gone on this week but it’s another step closer to creating the Hanson’s dream home......






January 21, 2023

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