On Tuesday we headed over to the master craftsman’s house aka Simon Heath. As you know Simon hand carves unique walking sticks in his workshop and his works of arts are showcased on our YouTube Channel The Crafty Countryman.

Three episodes have been released on the channel so far, and as it stands we have an additional 8 to drop to you over the following months.

The Crafty Countryman is produced by The Bald Builders and voiced by Vinnie Jones. The series is filmed and edited by Adam Russell, with the photography on set by Connie Maya.The show airs every Sunday on YouTube at 7pm.

The most recent episode sees Simon hand carve a spaniel with a pheasant in its mouth and as documented in a previous article the feedback has been unbelievable.

Hours and hours go into producing each episode and as we grow in knowledge, we tweak each one to make them the best they can be. We know there's room for improvement and we continue to work as hard as we can to bring you the best shows.

Here's just some of the amazing feedback received on Episode 3

What a beautiful video and piece of art or craftsmanship. I love it. Thanks for sharing your journey and craft. Blessings from South Africa. CHRISTIAAN KRUGER

Well, I am totally relaxed now after watching this. Simon is so easy to watch and listen to and with the added bonus of Vinnie's calming voice narrating you can't go wrong. Guys keep going with your excellent work thank you. JENNY BENNETT

I'm watching from Slovakia boys this is just superb, can't wait to watch the next one, good luck to you all. CHRIS LOUCAS

Really enjoy these videos he’s like the Attenborough of the countryside. Wish there was more to watch keep Up the good work to all involved in the making of these. SCOTT BRADY

Absolutely love this channel, well done guys. Simon has that soft toned master craftsman air about him. OWEN SAMPSON


As you can see from the feedback, this show is being recognised around the world. If you’d like to enquire about getting a stick commissioned you can do HERE. 

Simon has received in excess of 100 orders since the show aired. He is going to be one busy man, but for these works of art it's gotta to be worth the wait.

You can subscribe to watch The Crafty Countryman for free by clicking the YT logo below










February 25, 2022

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