The Bald Family Animated Cartoons

The Bald Family Cartoons are based on the popular Bald Family Books. These original animated cartoons are written in the same style as the books and feature all of your favourite Bald Family members. From problem solving to learning valuable life lessons they love spending time together. The Bald Family have a worldwide following from the videos that have been published on social media.

The Bald Family are Charismatic, funny and everyone can relate to them. This collection of animated cartoons can be enjoyed by all ages.

Cartoons in this Series

The Bald Family DREAM BIG

Dream Big is a cartoon adapted from the Dream Big book. Brad explores what job children can be when they grow up.

This cartoon is motivational ‘and inspirational. This cartoon teaches you with hard work and determination, you can be and do anything you want to in life.

The Bald Family Built A Pram

We Built a Pram is a cartoon in which Brad & Sam build a customised super duper baby pram for Sage.

This cartoon is humorous educational and teaches how to follow instructions. They have one very happy little girl when they give her the finished product.

The Bald Family Building A Fence

Building A Fence is a cartoon where Brad & Sam are called upon to fix a fence. The boys receive a call from an elderly lady Mavis. She urgently needed a fence repaired, the boys couldn’t have been happier to have helped.

They call upon young Frank to help them. The cartoon is educational and teaches important skills. It also teaches not everything has to be about money and you don’t always have to give to receive.