As you may have seen two weeks ago The Bald Family launched a Christmas present drive. Between them they decided that this Christmas each family member would give up a present to someone less fortunate. We revealed our plans on our socials and gave the opportunity for our following to join in to make someone’s Christmas special. From the moment we announced this the Christmas present donations have come flooding in.

Presents have been delivered to both The Bald Kitchen and The Bald Hub and have taken pride of place under The Bald Hub Christmas tree. The presents kindly donated are now in the hundreds and show no sign of slowing up. The kindness of people has astounded us, especially with how hard it has been for everyone over the last few years.

As this article goes out there is still 9 days until Christmas. If you'd like to be part of this amazing cause there is plenty of time to send in your gifts.

The look on the children’s faces who are in receipt of these gifts will be a picture.The generosity and unselfishness of you kind people shows life is not all about taking.

You can see the latest video update on the Christmas Donations below


December 16, 2021


Theresa Reeves said:

Thankyou for your hilarious antics , you are all so funny. I have had a very sad year & not looking forward to Christmas this year. Can honestly say you are the ones that made me smile/laugh. Your Christmas appeal was amazing too . Merry Christmas to you all xx

Laura Kernan said:

Hi guys,
Did 4 Pepper Pig puzzles arrive via Amazon??

Laura xx

Lee Cripps said:

well done all . people like you make a differance

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