Matt has often said he will fish in all weathers but on Tuesday to our amusement we found a flaw in his claims. A day which started promising for Matt with expectations of some big fish being landed ended pretty abruptly.

 After a visit to the Bald Kitchen to open up Matt went home to get his fishing gear and to set off to the lake. Unfortunately, this is as far as he got after seeing the light rain outside, he sacked of the fishing idea to snuggle up in the warm with his wife to the amusement of the Bald family.

 He is adamant this is a one off, and says he will be entertaining you all very soon catching perch or minnows .

When will we see Matt on the bank again?

Watch Matt's full excuse video below 

December 15, 2021


Joe lee said:

Matt get your waterproofs on get out fishing 🎣😂😂

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