There are lots of annual food festivals that take place all around the world that you probably have never heard of (until now).

We continue our search for the weirdest food festivals and today we are focusing on


Almost everyone loves bacon, so attending a whole festival dedicated to the cured meat seems reasonable.Especially as its held in sunny California.

When i normally think of travelling to America i think Disneyland but this is a weeklong event in the states, taking bacon to a whole new level. My love for Mickey Mouse is strong but by love for bacon is stronger so he will have to wait for my long overdue visit.

At this event you can enjoy almost everything with bacon including bacon salad, bacon pizza, bacon ramen, bacon tater tots, and even a bacon milkshake. Bacon goes well with craft beer and more than 100 restaurants participate in this festival with their own bacon dishes.

There's also live music and the humorous Kevin Bacon Soundtrack Tribute Show has become a favourite among festival goers over the years. Sacramento is a good place to visit anyway so scheduling your trip during Bacon Fest is a good way to go.

A date is yet to be set for this 2022 bacon lovers paradise. We suggest keeping your eyes peeled and bacon costumes at the ready as this festival is sizzling.



March 25, 2022

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