Simon Heath Star of The Crafty Countryman series opens up about his life, and explains what a massive impact art had for him growing up.

In these mini articles we will start from the beginning, and over the following months we will follow his journey from a boy to a master craftsman.

This has not been an overnight success this has been years of hard graft

A fascinating story of a wonderfully talented man

Simon Heath - The Craftsman's Journey in His Words Part 3

My dad brought me some chisels and mallet and I started to copy the sticks in the magazine. I was hooked from that point on, spending all my spare time making stick head carvings, putting them on sticks which I had cut and used them green.

I quickly learnt that using them green was a big mistake and I had a lot of learning to do, not just about carving or what stick to use but all aspects of cutting, seasoning, steaming and preparing a stick.




March 25, 2022

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