Over the last month we've shown you lots of Kitchen Studio action. But we thought we would recap on this nice,simple and quick brunch for you guys lazing around at home after a manic, food filled christmas.

As you all know Brad loves showing off his kitchen skills and this one will switch up the turkey sandwiches you've all been munching on over the last few days.

On this occasion Brad was in the kitchen rustling up a Tuna & Cheese Melt on a nice thick farmhouse bread for an always hungry Sam. Brad has a knack of making cooking look simple and easy to follow while having fun with it.

The studio atmosphere is nice and relaxed and Sam is all ears and rumbling belly behind the camera. The video had a positive reaction on socials, one of our followers Karen Conway summed it up perfectly with her comment “It’s a proper man sized sandwich, it’s that thick sliced it wouldn’t fit in my mouth”.

Put Them Selection Boxes Down
And Give This One a Try 

December 28, 2021


Tina said:

I know what I’ll be having today .. I’ve had a belly full of Christmas food .. now for something tasty, thanks guys 🤩

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