We are buzzing to announce that our brand spanking new production company The Bald Productions has been formed proudly partnering us with Arron & Aaron from Arch Construction.

We always have loads going on,BUT this is up there with one of the most exciting things to happen on our journey.This was our first big milestone, and now it's time to get busy filming our new self published documentary series Building with the Baldies. Due to be launched on Amazon Prime early 2022.

Building with the Baldies will see the boys buy, renovate and then sell the properties making a tidy profit from each one. The trials and tribulations what this entails will be fun and entertaining and we cannot wait to get started.

Last week it all became more real as a deal was secured to buy our first property in Worthing, West Sussex. The property is pretty run down, but as a team we will work our magic, combining our years of experience to completely transform the old tired house into a modern home.

With 8 episodes per series, you will be able to see the ins and outs of what goes on, and finally see Brad & Sam and family back on the tools. You might even learn some tips and tricks yourself to keep your partner happy.

Every property will be a blank canvas and each series will edge Brad closer to his mission of getting Rhi and the staff members back in bricks and mortar and a dream house they can call their own.

Keep your eyes peeled as The Building With The Baldies Official Trailer will be dropping very soon

But For Now Take a Look Behind The Scenes 





December 23, 2021


queenbeaky said:

Looking forward to seeing your new project come together 😉😁xx

Mark Reynolds said:

Just seen the news if your up and coming series on Amazon and live seeing you guys on Facebook with the banter and the extra work you do fir others less able so now another string to the bow… well done guys

And have a great Xmas and amazing New year

See you on the other side

Aj carvey said:

Hello guys,
great too see you’re all busy and getting in the swing on christmas 2021, Good luck on This documentry, Me and My Partner Can Not Wait Too watch this on amazon prime in 2022, i think its a great investment & being a roofer/Tradesmen myself it’ll be great watching these houses be renovated, and great seeing you all cheery and chapping ona day to day basis.
Take care lads
Merry 2021 christmas

Joshua ward said:

Hey guys happy Xmas eve. Wish u boys all the best can’t wait for the new up coming series. I live in Essex so still ain’t been to your burger van drive through. Well more or less an outside restaurant haha.

Merry Xmas and a Happy new year and keep up all the hard work you put in

Regards Joshua

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