Pre-baiting the fishing areas before the carp collecting commences, depending on the carp venues rules and regs i would usually pre bait before even setting up the bivvy and rods.

This approach requires a little more effort and perseverance but will pay off in poundage when you bring to land a big juicy carp or two.

Using the pre-baiting method, you are allowing the carp to get used to feeding on a given zone without the danger of being caught,photographed and thrown back in.

By the time you do come to start fishing the carp will be familiar with the “food baited zone” and in the mindset of free safe food, hopefully allowing you to fill your nets.


●  FLUORO CARP BAITS: Fluoro fishing boilies always seem to work wonders amongst the carp especially the go-to colours of Pink and White which grab the attention of the carp almost every time.

●  FISHING LURE : Bait usually consists of meat,live worms or insects that can be messier to use,smells the area and more fiddly to apply and keep hooked on. Lures are artificial imitations of live bait and are usually made from materials such as thread,feathers,plastic and foam materials. Fishing Lures are often a bigger bait which helps grab the attention of carp, Lures also come in smaller sizes,shapes and colours and vary in design to catch each specific fish species.

●  SWEETCORN : Sweetcorn is up there on the list of top fishing baits. The versatility and easy application to hook can be used in every fishing session no matter the method or venue chosen.

The bright yellow colour highlights itself in the murkiest of carp waters. Once in water the salt and sugar from the sweetcorn dissolve, attracting the hungry carp via their “olfactory” system almost like a beacon to the sugar and salt.

The cost effective sweetcorn is also full of amino acids and through various studies help stimulate and encourage the carp to feed.

  • “MEANING TO OLFACTORY":The olfactory system is the system related to the sense of smell (olfaction). Many fish activities are dependent on olfaction from mating,discriminating kin,avoiding various predators and location of food.

  •  BREAD: Much like sweet corn you can surface fish with the remnants from the bread bin at home, this makes for a great last minute fishing bait both versatile and cost effective. Fish tend to spit out the bait when they are not keen on the taste,with bread fish seem to enjoy and savour the flavour for a longer period allowing the hook to set and for you to reel away.
  •   MAGGOTS/LUNCHEON MEAT: Carp like all fish love the taste of maggots combined with a spicy chunk of peperami will have your carp on the hook in no time. The classic maggot bait is associated with textbook angling; the maggots make for a good all year round bait varying in colours to appeal to wider fishes. The Luncheon Meat is normally an ideal soft bait and is easily digestible to the carp. A substitute for meat is paste,this tends to do the same thing and can be wrapped around any of the above baits.



April 08, 2022

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