The next big event at The Bald Kitchen has been confirmed for Sunday 13th February. The previous Sword in The Stone challenge proved a massive headache, for even the strongest competitors in attendance.

People came in their masses and even with prize on offer of a CT1 bundle and a large cash prize, it wasn’t enough for the participants to get that extra bit of power to be victorious. The heavy duty bonding adhesive Power Grab N Bond used to glue the saw into the blocks was far too strong. As expected really as whenever we've used this product its never let us down.

With no one being successful on The Sword Challenge the prize has rolled over onto this event, and this time there is a guaranteed winner.

This challenge is simple walk the two 6 stone blocks through the 40ft drive thru and the quickest time will be crowned the champion and walk away with £100 cash and £500 worth of CT1 Products.

The Bald Kitchen is open from 8am on the 13th February meaning you can get your bellies full and arms pumped of chicken before the event takes place between 12-1pm.

Having had a trial run the time to beat is currently Sam’s at 4.39 seconds. We anticipate a large number of people wanting to participate so we have limited the entries. The first 20 people to sign up on the day will be able to attempt the challenge absolutely free of charge.

If you think you have the minerals, we will see you at The Kitchen in 10 days

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February 03, 2022

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