So, the last few weeks have had mixed emotions. From being quite sad on one hand to happiness on the other. This is because we have been dismantling the Bald Hub, gearing up to move into a new fresher location.

The Hub has done us well over the last few years and allowed our business to expand to where it is today.

Taking a look over some memorable events that have taken place there. The initial renovation from an old tired, lifeless looking workshop to a fully fledged studio was rewarding and brought the place to life. A real positive energy running through it on a daily.

Then a music video premier which Brad and Sam stared in for Eddie Craig and Charlie Hedges. To Friday night live, where our following got the chance to win prizes on a live stream. We also held a Bald boys club where it was an open house to come and chat and meet new people over an ice cold beer.

Hundreds of cooking videos took place in the Bald Kitchen studio and many decent meals were made. Birthday parties for The Bald Family members brought joy and loads of space for the kids to roam. Our Fix Radio show grew immensely as all shows were recorded in there.

Magic tricks, experiments, food challenges made up just some of the hilarious videos created at the hub.

We could be here for days listing every happy memory, but we don’t have time. With plenty more things to move, in a very short space of time we’ve got to get busy asap rocky.

As one door closes another very exciting one is about to open.

Keep your eyes peeled.










February 11, 2022


Maria said:

It’s shame all your hard have had to be taken apart,but good luck in your new venture x

Greg Stuart said:

Good luck with the move guys and here is to a very successful 2022 and onwards

Big Gav said:

Looking forward to seeing the new location wishing you all the best in the future with all your plan’s 👊🏼👍👊🏼

Mandy Walmsley said:

Well what can I say from when I first watched you guys from 2yrs ago I’ve never laughed so much in all my life you even beat tv viewing 🤣🤣🤣 Loved everything you guys have done in the Bald Hub I don’t think I’ve ever missed one video 🤔 always commented says great things about you guys, I’ve even appreciated being mentioned a few times in your videos when I’ve sent you gifts, my favourite one is when I sent Ted a Scratch Card when he turned 13 you gave him a fake one made out he won 😂😂 Hillarious.
Loved watching your sports games in the Hub, crazy Golf, Football, Darts. I’ll miss the cooking videos in the kitchen made some great recipes, the entertainment has been brilliant and meeting all the family on the videos couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch what a great family you all are.
Sad to you leave the Bald Hub but can’t wait to see your next big step into a bigger Hub, so I’d like to say cheers 🥂 congratulations to you all for everything you have done from raising money helping everyone out, onwards and upwards and best wishes to moving forwards
Congratulations you all deserve it 🥳 👍🏻🥂

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