Last Sunday saw the long awaited return of The Crafty Countryman and a very special guest narrated this episode

We have been working hard behind the scenes pulling strings to make this show the best it can be and the football/Hollywood actor Mr Vinnie Jones levels up our programme.

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If you don’t know already Simon Heath is a master craftsman who lives in the Country and creates commissioned walking sticks, from blocks of wood in his cosy workshop.

Episode one showcased Simon’s skills and he created a Muntjac Deer. The second episode sees him work his magic making another three masterpieces a Hare, Bear and a French Bulldog. In this episode you also get to see a deeper insight into the Simons life in the country.

This is The Bald Builders first production and were very proud to bring you this series. Its educational and shows you a glimpse into the life of a real Countryman.

The Crafty Countryman is a relaxing watch and a nice programme to unwind with on Sunday night, in preparation for your week ahead. Slip into something comfortable, grab a cup of tea, and snuggle up on the sofa with your partner (or by yourself).

Don’t just take our word for it. Here is some feedback

“Absolutely fantastic again, Simon is so talented, unbelievable work. Having Vinnie Jones as the voice over is iconic” ZIGGY

“Cracking video boys and what a coup to get the guv’nor himself to narrate it!!! 20 minutes is nowhere near long enough!! Sort it out boys” VESPA MORELLI

“Another amazing episode from Simon could watch him all day, such a master talented craftsmanship. Look forward to the next episode. Well, done to all the crew and a special mention to the legend Vinnie for narration” DARREN MEENEY

The next episode airs this Sunday 7pm on 












February 18, 2022

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