We are very excited to tease the release of our new episode “Mrs Jones Ceiling Has Fallen Down” as The Bald Family continues its run of original cartoons in 2022.

Written by Brad Hanson and Produced by Tom Cadogan, this is the highly anticipated follow up to The Bald Family Building a Fence.

As you all know Mrs Jones doesn’t have much luck around her home. But when things do go wrong, she knows the kindest, most helpful family around will be on hand to get her out of a pickle.

In this episode Mrs Jones has had an unfortunate accident when her ceiling collapses. She gets straight on the phone to Big Bald Brad who immediately gathers up the troops of The Bald Family.

Once Brad is fully firmed up with Sam, Rhi and the four staff members, they all head over to Mrs Jones house to inspect the damage.

This turns out to be a proper family affair, with all members having important individual roles. By working as a team they all muck in to bring Mrs Jones front room back to normality.

Mrs Jones is left very happy. Not that she had any doubts being The Bald Family have helped many times before.

A Cartoon full of humour, togetherness and some mathematics this episode teaches the viewer many life skills, making it a must watch for all the family.


January 26, 2022

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