The next Brad vs Sam of 2022 is imminent. With Brad 1-0 after the first battle Sam wants to make amends to avoid slipping further behind.

We have been in agreement to hold the event next week and wanted to do a challenge related to a builder’s skill. This is where OX Tools come into the equation. They are a brand we have wanted to work with for a long while and this Brad vs Sam was a perfect fit.

Between us we have devised a competition where the boys will both have to build a wall, five bricks high and the same number of bricks wide (for the mathematicians out there that’s 25 bricks). The only rule is that the finished product has to be level. The judge will be an Ox Pro Level Set.

Will the boys go for speed or take their time and get the wall spot on at the first attempt?

Ox Tools is a world-leading manufacturer of hand tools, diamond tools, workwear and safety products, and the OX Pro Level Set has dual vials for easy level measurement readings, so no VAR will be needed on this one. It’s a straight out contest who will win Brad or Sam.

Brad is adamant he will be able to build it quicker while Sam on the other hand has only ever built one wall (on gravel) but he is still quietly confident.

Who's your money on?

Keep your eyes peeled on socials for the result and losers forfeit 




January 25, 2022

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