This year The Bald Family have proudly agreed to work alongside the outstanding children’s service provider Fair Ways.

Fair Ways is a vulnerable children’s charity and the fostering side of the charity is at the heart of what they do. Making a change to these children’s lives positively makes a difference, something we have the utmost admiration for.

We met the team at the back end of last year when they brought some children down to the kitchen. Then just before Christmas we hand delivered some presents to one of the properties where 6 children are housed.

Fair Ways is based in the South of England and cares for over 150 children and young people each year. Not only do they offer fostering services they deliver a comprehensive range of services including residential social care, healthcare, outreach support, training and education services.

Last Sunday, we invited them back to The Bald Kitchen and the children were treated to lunch followed by milkshakes and we booked them in for bowling after.

We have agreed to have a monthly visit from different children to enjoy the kitchen food and then go to do a fun activity together.

The children in foster care haven’t had the best upbringings pre Fair Ways so we feel this is the least we can do. By working alongside the charity, we can help towards improving these young people’s lives as they move into adulthood.

If you would like to find out more about the charity and the amazing work they do CLICK HERE



January 24, 2022


Tina johnson said:

I worked 8 years with vulnerable children trying to keep them safe, mainly from sexual exploitation which I found very satisfying, we should do all we can to help these kids because once they reach adulthood there is very little support for them as a lot have no family to help support them so I fully back all you do to try to help make their lives better as many do not no what it is to have what we call a normal life

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