On Friday we had our weekly Fix Radio meet in preparation for next week's shows.

With a brief from Jack our producer, Brad and Sam got to work reading through what topics would be discussed.They agreed on what they would deliver in each regular segment.

The boys then got to work blasting down ideas for the final shows of what seems like the longest January ever.

Most people are skint, and pay day seems like a lifetime ago. A fun filled week full of banter is just what you need to get you through them long mornings on site.

Starting with Monday’s show The Bald Carpers main man himself Matt returns with would I lie to you. This week he wants to keep you guessing with 3 truths and 1 lie about mistakes he’s made in the kitchen. He never ceases to amaze us and we cannot wait to hear what he has to say.

How to stack the odds in your favour was also a hot topic and the boys are going to speak about a lady who couldn’t pass her driving test. Brad & Sam will explore what lengths people will take to succeed.

Tuesday’s show will be packed full of content. Brad explained he has some unfortunate news for Sam. Apparently it's top secret until they go on air. What could it be?

Wednesday will see Brad and Rhi compete against each other in the return of Baldie Vs Wifey. With Rhi currently holding the bragging rights at 2-0, Brad is gearing up to try and bring it back.

The boys will also be reminiscing about Terry a labourer who used to work with them. Terry was a very good storyteller who once chased and caught up with a train. Brad and Sam agreed that sharing some classic stories with everyone would create a proper belly laugh, so expect to hear more of the hilarious Terry Tales very soon.

Thursday’s show will feature chats about rememberable pranks and run over some listeners guesses from the guess the celebrity segment. A fella named Tom still continues to guess that Grotbags is the celebrity but we reckon this is the easiest one yet. The boys have decided to call Tom out on air offering him chance to take Grotbags on a date. Now this should be funny.

We are on air next week Monday - Friday 10-11am

Listen to everything mentioned above and so much more only on FIX RADIO.





January 23, 2022

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