The First Episode of the Crafty Countryman aired on Sunday 16th January

The feedback from our first production has been well received with viewers finding the episode interesting, satisfying soothing and comforting.

If we listed all of the kind comments made about Simon's work you would be reading this for days. Simons unbelievable effortless talent shined through and a real gem has been unearthed.

Due to the positive nature of the feedback on the first episode we have just agreed a deal to team up with the world renowned clothing brand Harkila . It’s important in our shows that the craftsman’s attire matches the high levels of craftsmanship on view and what better than our crew to be kitted out in the country clothing produced by Harkila.

Behind the scenes we are working hard daily to bring you more interesting episodes of crafts and the countryside.

We are producing shows which we feel are unique and educational for you guys, the insight we bring to you is one you may of not had the opportunity to of seen.

As a first production we are overjoyed with the reaction and we are excited for you all to join us on this journey.




January 21, 2022


Natalie said:

I watched this first episode and watched behind the scenes I absolutely loved every minute of it the talent and the skills that go into the sticks is amazing can’t wait for the next series. If I am honest it has made me realise when you put your mind into something you love you can make amazing things happen.

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