Tuesday was a busy one for the boys

Brad and Sam headed out for a day of content brainstorming in the van. After a few hours of blasting down ideas they decided to get some fresh air and descended on Hotham Park in Bognor Regis. Our Tik Tok following is growing by the day so the boys decided to add to the collection of videos on the platform in the park.

After a few hours the boys jumped back in the van and headed off shopping to get the gear to do another video featuring a bottle of coke. To see the end result you will have to keep an eye out on our socials. (It was a good one)

A proper productive day was coming to a close when Sam reluctantly decided to give up one of his Mars bars, with a mission to send it to space. Holding their breath they waited patiently to see if it reached its destination. After a while news reached that it had landed on the planet Mars.

This left the boys feeling like fully fledged scientists. So much so they ended the day by demonstrating a dangerous task proving that the world is flat and not round as people have believed.

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January 19, 2022


Brooklyn puffett said:

I love your videos and where is yous based

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