The Bald Productions are very pleased to announce that they have commissioned The Crafty Countryman. The Crafty Countryman is set in the sticks and showcases Simon Heath’s skills as a unique craftsman who lives off grid.

Simon has honed his skills in this field for 35 years and is the magician of the wood world. The Bald Productions will show you Simon’s day to day life along with his partner Izzy. This series will show a master at work and showcase why Simon stands above the rest in his field of craftsmanship.

Simon can take something as basic as a stick or a block of wood and expertly craft it into a stunning piece of individual art. He has a fine eye for understanding the form and shapes of works he creates, ensuring each carving has a style and class of its own.

Our film crew will be at Simons side from sunrise to sunset and show the complete process. A rural location with Chickens and ducks roaming free and not forgetting Simons beloved dog Lilly, who loves the country life.

The tranquil and peaceful environment of the location, along with Simon’s skills provide a perfect combination, and an easy watch for the viewer.

The Crafty Countryman is completely different to anything we’ve been involved in,combined with our expertise behind the camera and never seen before craftsmanship we are confident this will be a hit.



January 05, 2022


Dave Richards said:

I recently watched the clip of you making the walking stick with the amber spaniel carrying a pheasant, I have a black working cocker spaniel and I would adore a stick making with her carrying a pheasant too, would this be possible? If so could you tell me what Is required and what would the cost be?
Kind regards
(And Millie)

Richard Cooling-Brown said:

My love of the country side has been a life’s journey for me. When I was a child I was never at home ( until food was ready ), always in the woods playing, making dens, bird nesting ( which wasn’t illegal then ) later in life shooting and fishing, so anything to do with the outdoors I have held a deep passion for. I came upon The Crafty Countryman whilst looking on Youtube. I was completely blown away with the skills that Simon Heath has, they truly are amazing. The Mallard is my favourite. This has stirred once again a desire in me to have a go at stick making even at my late time in life of 68. Many thanks.

K Matthews said:

I have walking stick with a ducks head graved on it. Would like to see walking stick that you have made.

Stephen rosindale said:

I tell you what I love everything you lads do I carnt wait for ya next event I can assure you I’m coming all the way from eversham to visit you all

Nigel said:

Love watching you guys, how will people be able to watch this please?

Daniel byrne said:

I’d love a stick made for my dad as gift I’d love to see some you have already made and can you do it with any blocks of wood ??

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