BOSH and just like that we are into 2022. A New Year and lots of exciting things coming up. This year is shaping up to be our busiest yet.

On Thursday 6th January we organised a jam packed day full of meetings with our sponsors, which we treat as our extended family.

Once the wishes of a Happy New Year were out the way we cracked on with the meetings. They involved a general catch up and a rundown of what the clients require in forms of content to showcase their brands in a positive light.

The first meeting was with Nicola from CT1 who gave us some exciting news that BT1 has been rolled out in Toolstation nationwide. We discussed some exciting ideas we have to promote this. Aunty Sue our manager was present on the CT1 call and informed us of some important dates to put in our diary in regards to other projects. She also gave us a brief on the content required for our newly signed sponsor CAT Clothing.

To stretch our legs, we hoped in the van and headed over to Roundstone Van Centre to meet Pete. We did a promotional video of his fleet of commercial vehicle’s. By now our stomachs had started to rumble so we headed off to The Bald Kitchen to grab a few burgers to see us through the day.

No sooner had the burgers settled, before we were back on the blower with Paul from I.T.S.CO.UK to discuss a promotional product video. This will see the return of Brad Vs Sam, involving wheelbarrows and water. This is one we are looking forward to. Who’s your money on?

At the end of the day, we hooked up a zoom call with Jack and Archie from Fix Radio to discuss our upcoming shows and new features. The boys are at the hub for the shows recording tomorrow (Friday 7th January). Which is sadly a farewell show for Archie before he jets off back to his homeland Australia.

With the notes taken from the day we headed back to the hub to get our creative heads on, brainstorming ideas for the content to satisfy our clients.

As our business has grown so has the loving relationships with our sponsors. We thrive off being busy, and because of this we are always open for partnering up with like minded honest brands. If you are one of these please feel free to get in contact  

One of the funniest things we get asked these days is “Do you boys work anymore”.

I think you’d agree with all this going on we work hard enough.











January 06, 2022


Sue said:

Good luck guys 👍🏻Iam sure your going to be working harder than ever ! I love down to earth genuine people. And the plus is I love watching you your all so funny especially Brad and Sam . Well done all your grafting is definitely paying off 👏🎉

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