Good Karma brings good karma and as you all know we have a brand spanking new building show hitting amazon prime very soon, a programme which see's us back on site.

We haven't been out work working for a long time,and while preparing for the show we soon realised that our work clothes didn't fit anymore (well Sam's didn't)which left us with a big problem.

This is where the magic happened and the good karma came to us. Aunty sue received a call from a global leader in the workwear clothing industry, Caterpillar a household name showed their ambition to work with us.

For years Caterpillar has been making moves across the globe and has driven positive change on every continent. The authentic, bold and stylish clothes have been worn by leaders for years and now Brad & Sam will be repping the gear.

Just like ourselves they constantly set and achieve ambitious goals. We have joined forces just in time for our new series Building With The Baldies. Looking the part in the right clobber not only makes you feel good your workmanship levels mirror how good you look.

We are excited to get going on our first house renovation and our new relationship with CAT will combine both of our brands. This will show high levels of integrity, hard work, determination and exceptional service of both The Bald Builders & Caterpillar.

We are buzzing for you to see us all on site in our fresh garms very soon. We might even get our hands dirty.



January 07, 2022

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