Yes, you heard it right you can actually lose weight by eating McDonalds. This is the best news I’ve ever heard there’s me thinking I’ve piled on the pounds over the years eating junk food.

Ok so this has not been scientifically proven but a man from Ireland trialled the method of the McDonald's diet for two weeks and lost 1.9kg.

The weight loss proved that unless you exceed your daily calorie intake you shouldn’t pile on the pounds.

You could effectively have the highest calorie foods from McDonalds for breakfast, dinner and lunch. For example, a Double Sausage Egg McMuffin for breakfast at 551 calories a double quarter pounder with cheese at 750 calories for lunch and dinner, polished off with a nice pudding, a galaxy caramel ice cream at 365 calories.

That’s 2,416 calories in total, ok so it exceeds the calorie intake for a female by 416 calories but one less burger if you were doing this diet would suffice. A male intake falls 84 calories short so the meals above wouldn’t exceed the recommended.

Essentially, our body burns so many calories per day or utilises so much energy every day and if you just eat a little bit less than that, no matter what you eat, within that you will lose weight.

In short, all diets work by creating a calorie deficit. Most do diets do it by restricting full food groups, such as carbs. But and a big but over time restriction often leads to failure.

In conclusion we wouldn’t recommend eating McDonald's every day, but as a treat every now and then it won’t hurt you. Make sure you are getting your 5 fruit and veg a day and if you want to try a diet 


Recommended Daily Calorie Intakes:

Male 2,500

Female 2,000



March 18, 2022


Mike Whittaker said:

I totally agree with your theory Calvin, I go bye the way of one meal a day to keep my weight at my optimum.

I think 🤔 the romans marched on one meal a day and survived many battles along their course.

6ft 2 12st And good looking 🤣.


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