The Beat the Bar Challenge took centre stage at The Bald Kitchen on Wednesday. This funfair challenge has an extremely hard difficulty level and the attendant in charge of the game was quite recognisable. He was also very vocal offering £100 to anyone successful at beating the bar.

This challenge caught the eye of Brad who had just popped to The Kitchen to replenish some stock. How hard could that be? he said with a big grin.

Never one to duck out of a challenge Brad hatched a plan to beat the attendant. He jumped in the van and shot over to Travis Perkins, he purchased some gloves and a tube of CT1 Power Grab N Bond.

I’d say the next version of events was nothing short of a miracle as Brad not only successfully managed to hang for the allotted amount of time, he was still dangling 24 hours later. The grip was so strong he had to leave the gloves behind to collect his winnings.

Previously we stuck Matt upside down to a wall and drove a Lamborghini under a skip which had also been stuck by CT1. This left us scratching our heads,is there anything this stuff cant stick?

Along with CT1 It's also been announced that BT1 is now stocked in every Toolstation in the UK. Immortal Products that can last as long as Brad on a fairground attraction.















January 14, 2022

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