Now this is something we cannot wait for you to see. The Crafty Countryman first episode goes LIVE in 3 days’ time on YouTube.

This is our first production since forming The Bald Productions in December 21. As you all know from our activity on socials, we have been working hard over the last 6 weeks putting this series together.

Simon The Crafty Countryman is opening his idyllic countryside workshop to the public’s eyes for the first time. Bringing to your attention craftsmanship, as you’ve never seen before. His eye for detail and individuality on every walking stick he creates is mesmerising and therapeutic.

In Episode 1 Simons partner Izzy receives an order online for a Muntjac Deer. No sooner has Izzy clipped the order on Simon’s board before he gets to work, transforming a block of wood into a treasured collector’s item. Our film crew catch the whole breathtaking process.

The Full Series will be aired on YouTube with the behind the scenes action being shown on The Crafty Countryman Facebook Page.

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January 13, 2022

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