Now we’ve all heard in the news about Salt Bae charging £1000 for a steak but £128.50 for a hot dog. WOW

We have been delving into the Guinness World Records of food and this hotdog has held the record for 8 years now and was actually sold in America back in 2014 for a staggering 169 US Dollars.

No matter how many football matches or summer barbecues you've attended, we're pretty sure you've never come across a hot dog quite like this one (or as expensive).

Dubbed the " Juuni Ban," it went well beyond hot dog standards like mustard and relish, and far surpasses any chili or cheese. In fact, the ingredients list for the footlong frank would make a Michelin-starred chef blush: the Juuni Ban contains smoked cheese bratwurst, butter Teriyaki grilled onions, Maitake mushrooms, Wagyu beef, foie gras, shaved black truffles, caviar and Japanese mayonnaise all served in a brioche bun.

The requirement to achieve the record was that Tokyo Dog had to sell at least one of the hotdogs in a legitimate business transaction. They actually sold 6 of them on the day.

The gentleman who brought the first of the dogs was impressed (and skint) and said "All ingredients were genuine and cooked to perfection, the presentation was excellent, total satisfaction!”

The record holding restaurant unfortunately ceased trading in 2017.They submitted this press release shortly before: Due to family and life priorities, it saddens us to inform you that Tokyo Dog is closing its business… More. It was our privilege to be a part of the Seattle food truck community, and we greatly appreciate all the years you have allowed us to serve you. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to see you again in the future.

That was now 8 years ago but Tokyo Dog’s legacy lives on with this record. Im sure its going to take some beating. The staggering amount of money charged makes the ones for sale at The Bald Kitchen seem a bargain.



March 21, 2022

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