Seeing it's half term Brad has managed to keep up the usual juggling act of work working and spending equal time with his Four Staff Members and The Boss (Rhi).

Second youngest of the Hanson clan Sage has always shown an interest in cooking. She has been on The Bald Kitchen page a number of occasions previously with Nanny Grotbags and always gets stuck in.

This week she’s been proper busy in the Kitchen and smashed out 10 videos. Sage has loved the father, daughter time and rustled up some rather impressive meals. 

Over the next week you will get to see the young lady in action. So, keep your eyes peeled for Raspberry Cheesecake Croissants, French Toast, Sweet Mozzarella Tart and Sausage & Mash, amongst a number of other delicious dishes.

It’s evident in these videos that with the right guidance Sage is going to be a top chef and make a good wife one day. She is never one to shy away and her kitchen skills at 8 years old, are already better than some adults.

The content produced is educational and shows that cooking is not just for adults you can also get your children involved too.

You can catch this dad and daughter dream team cooking at 8am every morning for the next 7 days on The Bald Kitchen Facebook Page.



February 23, 2022

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