The Bald Family

The Bald Family Cartoons was an ambition of Brad and Rhi's. They have always been passionate about turning their real-life family into an animated cartoon. Brad saw a gap in the market and realised it wasn’t just adults watching their content on social media but the adults were actually showing their children the content that was being created.

Back in the first lockdown Brad and Rhi decided it was the right time to venture into the world of children’s books. “We built a wall” Was the first book that was written, illustrated and self-published all within just 4 weeks.

Brad felt that by bringing these books and cartoons to children from an early age would help teach them important life lessons. All of the books are inspirational, educational, motivational and fun to read. The real Bald Family ethos is mirrored in both the books and cartoons and are very relatable to so many families.

The cartoons originated from the books. The first series of books were a huge success with their followers on social media. hundreds of monthly subscribers signed up to the Bald Book Club which was a subscription service. For a small fee the customer would get a Bald family book delivered once a month to their door for their families to enjoy.

After 12 books were published, they turned their attention to bringing the characters to life in animated cartoons. Brad writes the cartoons and books and Tom brings them to life in his creative office. They both feel the sky's the limit with the ideas they have.

Brad and Tom are currently working on series two of the books. The concept will be based around general building and fixing things around the home. Children will be taught about working hard, having manners, basic maths along with problem solving day to day issues that arise.

The dream is to have multiple series of cartoons on the big screen along with a large series of books which will be available for the world to enjoy.

Brad & Rhi see a range of consumable accessories on the shelves. From plush cuddly toys to colouring in books and even pyjamas for the kids. The dream is to own their very own Bald Family adventure park, where families from around the world can come and visit and enjoy everything the bald family has to offer. They work hard on a daily basis to turn their dreams into reality.

With families already loving the bald family, they were frequently asked to bring out toys and accessories of the Cartoons for them to purchase. They have listened and delivered. If you would like to look at these pop over to the bald store.


Meet Brad who’s the dad of the family who is a very tall 6ft 1”. He is motivational and inspirational and has many talents. Brad is an incredibly good builder and cook. He loves spending time with The Bald Family and enjoys walking Jimmy the hairy 5th staff member.


Meet Sam who is Brad's best friend, Sam is the Uncle of the family, He is not as tall as Brad and is only 5ft 7. He has a cheeky laugh and a big smile. Sam enjoys spending time with all the Bald Family and has fun playing pranks on them all.


Meet Rhi who is the boss of the family. She is the wife of Brad and mother to the 4 staff members and Jimmy. She is always busy looking after the Bald Family. Rhi enjoys shopping and loves wearing head scarfs. She is always smiling.


Meet Grotbags who is the Crazy Nanny of the family. She is always laughing and loves dancing. She always has bright hair colours and loves playing bingo. Grotbags enjoys collecting jewellery and putting on her makeup. 


Meet Char who is the eldest staff member. Brad and Rhi are her mum and dad. Char enjoys playing hide and seek and is rarely found as she is that good at the game. She loves listening to music.


Meet Teddy who is the second eldest staff member. Teddy is always laughing and loves playing pranks on Uncle Sam. He enjoys gaming and go karting with his friends but hates getting pie faced. 


Meet Sage who is the third eldest staff member. Sage loves being active and helping her dad Brad. She is very strong and enjoys doing press-ups. She enjoys winding up the bald family and often pranks Nanny Grotbags. When she grows up, she would like to be a vet.


Meet Frank who is the youngest of the staff members. He has a very cheeky smile and is often visited by the tooth fairy. Frank loves playing crazy golf.When he grows up, he wants to be a superhero. 


Meet Jimmy the family dog and 5th staff member. Jimmy was born in 2020 and is growing up to be a big boy so fast. He loves playing with his toys and eating. He enjoys exploring and weeing up things when he goes for walks. He snores loud and often wakes up Sage and Frank. 


Meet Matt who comes across as very friendly to The Bald Family. But in secret he is a villain who is always destroying things. The Bald Family are always repairing the things he has broken.