Now we've all had food in the fridge a few days and classed it as "old" but some foods have been around a very long time.

They’ve endured through the centuries, satisfying rumbling bellies through the years. The majority of dishes have changed a bit from their original state, but their evolution has kept them on the food radar up to the present day.

If you’re looking to taste history, here are some of the world’s oldest foods

STEW goes back to around 6,000 BC. A meal that’s hot and delicious, it has been warming bellies for thousands of years. Typically, people would make use of meat and vegetables that were in season, and this meal was a great way to stretch ingredients. Stew has always been a go to dish all over the world, in various ancient cultures and regions. Today Stew is seen as a very popular comfort food.

BREAD Has been around for 30k years. It was one of the very first foods to be prepared by man. This qualifies it to be one of the oldest foods. On the supermarket shelves you can get every variety you can dream of. It’s a food staple that many people find richly comforting and delicious. You can’t beat freshly baked bread.

PANCAKES date back to around 3,300 BC and is one of the oldest foods in history. The pancake is loved these days as a breakfast or solely on Shrove Tuesday, when many of us become professional tossers.

History goes as far back as 3,300 BC when a mummified body of Otzi the Iceman was discovered in Europe. They discovered a wheat based pancake in his stomach leading scientists to believe that pancakes were a staple of the Neolithic diet.

TAMALES is a food that goes back to around 8,000 & 5,000 BC. It was Popular among many ancient Mesoamerican cultures like the Aztecs and Mayans. These steamed delicacies are still very much around today.

The dish is made from a type of dough called masa. The dough is filled with various things including meats, vegetables and fruits. The concoction is then steamed in a corn husk or banana leaves.







March 27, 2022

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