Spring is the season where days get longer and everything starts bursting into life. The Birds are singing, leaves are unfolding, butterflies are starting to be seen and mammals are beginning to wake from their winter sleep.

While our woods are a pleasure to visit all year round, the jewel in the crown has got to be spring. Admire all the sights and sounds of this time of year with a springtime stroll around your favourite wood. Look out for blossoming bluebells, wild garlic and wild daffodils, listen for the sweet sound of birdsong and why not have a go at climbing a tree on your travels. A walk in the woods on your own, or with family during springtime is always a delight.

One of the most stunning spring highlights has got to be the bluebells that peep out from the ground, carpeting it in a magnificent sea of violet. Visit woodlands during April or May to see this springtime spectacle in all its glory.

Spring is also one of the best seasons to capture the beauty of woodland on camera, as flowers are blooming, frothy pink and white blossom covers many of the trees and wildlife is all around after months of hibernation. Grab your camera and get snapping shots of bluebells, butterflies and everything in between

One of the most therapeutic sounds in Spring is the dawn chorus. We recently posted a video on our page, where Vinnie Jones describes the song birds’ magical melodies, you can hear these at sunrise in both towns and the countryside. Nothing beats the enchanting sound of birdsong.

Personally, I would say that Spring is the best time of year as woodlands become a buzz of activity. Animals that have spent their winters in a deep slumber wake from hibernation. Migrant birds arrive, insects emerge and plants and trees burst into life.





March 27, 2022

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